10 May 2011

Oxford Instruments adds further plasma etch, deposition & growth seminars

UK-based etch, deposition and growth equipment maker Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) is continuing its series of free seminars and workshops (co-hosted with leading research organizations worldwide) with the addition of a further event in Autumn to those already announced for this Summer.

The events are as follows:

30 June — ‘Knowledge creation partnership - from funding to results’, a one-day workshop co-hosted by the UK’s University of Southampton at its Mountbatten Building, where speakers will talk about atomic layer deposition (ALD), ion beam, plasma sources and other aspects of etch, deposition and growth technologies. The seminar shares experiences in collaborations between industry and the scientific research community. It also presents technical results of collaborations and how partners can benefit. Presentations on processing and servicing of Oxford Instruments’ equipment will give support to users, and a practical insight into Oxford Instruments and the etch, deposition and growth equipment and process solutions offered.


1. Initiating and funding successful partnerships:

  • ‘Academic/Industrial partnerships — a model for success’;
  • ‘Understanding public funding sources’;
  • ‘First results of a successful partnership: Materials and etchers for nanowire biosensors’;
  • ‘Oxford Instruments/Southampton University collaboration success’.

2. Results of successful partnerships:

  • ‘Plasma source & Ion Beam technologies’;
  • ‘Developing plasma etch processes’;
  • ‘How to get the most from your tool (CS)’;
  • ‘ALD and technical achievements/working in a successful partnership’;
  • Cleanroom tour & Networking Tea.

Speakers include (from the University of Southampton) Don Spalinger (director, corporate relationships), Myrddin Jones (lead technologist; Electronics, Photonics & Electrical Systems, Technology Strategy Board) and professor Peter Ashburn (director, Southampton Nanofabrication Center); and (from Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology) Frazer Anderson (business development director), Mike Cooke (chief technology officer), Bob Gunn (Applications team leader), Nick Curtis (training officer), and Chris Hodson (ALD product manager). To book, e-mail: plasma@oxinst.com

14 July — 'New Frontiers in Plasma Nanopatterning’, co-hosted by the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), CA, USA. Invited speakers include: professor Steve Shannon (North Carolina State University); professor Friedrich Prinz (Stanford University); Dr Deirdre Olynick (LBNL); Dr Paul Ashby/Dr Dominik Ziegler (Molecular Foundry, LBNL); and Dr Owain Thomas and Dr Leslie Lea (Oxford Instruments).

Topics include talks on:

  • ‘Energy conservation at the Nanoscale’;
  • ‘Fabrication of high performance cantilevers in aqueous solution’;
  • ‘Radio frequency heating for Nanoscale etching’;
  • ‘Plasma etching/deposition tools and applications’.

Tours of the Molecular Foundry will be available on 13 July (3–5pm) or 15 July (9–11am).
Process Helpdesk — Oxford Instruments process experts will be on hand to answer any specific Process Application questions. To book, e-mail nancy.crouch@oxinst.com.

18 October 2011 — ‘Nanoscale plasma processing’ at CEA-LETI, Grenoble, France, a one-day event covering many aspects of plasma processing, including ion beam, MEMS, ALD, and III-V etch.
Presenters will include experts from the Oxford instruments Applications team and guest speakers from LETI and other key organizations. A full programme will be available soon.
To book, e-mail: plasma@oxinst.com

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