24 May 2011

Plasma-Therm wins VLSIresearch awards

Plasma process equipment maker Plasma-Therm LLC of St Petersburg, FL, USA has been awarded by equipment users as one of the 10 BEST 2011 Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment and one of THE BEST 2011 Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment, according to market analyst firm VLSIresearch.

VLSIresearch’s survey (which spans two and a half months and four languages) received feedback from more than 550 organizations for this year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers in fields including Equipment Performance, Customer Service, and Supplier Performance. Two new categories, Trust in Supplier and Partnering, provided additional insight into key attributes of a supplier’s performance in 2011.

Plasma-Therm achieved its 12th consecutive year of being voted one of the 10 BEST and THE BEST Small Suppliers of Wafer Processing Equipment in 2011. This year, Plasma-Therm was also voted one of 10 BEST in Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment.

“Customer service and outstanding equipment performance have always been core values for Plasma-Therm,” says CEO Abdul Lateef. “These VLSIresearch awards continue to validate that we are successfully implementing our principles into action,” he adds.

Founded in 1974, Plasma-Therm designs, manufactures and supports plasma etch and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment for various high-tech market segments and industries. Its systems are used in markets ranging from university R&D to high-volume production. Served markets include photomask etching, compound semiconductors, wireless communication, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), nanotechnology, data storage, solar cells and LED/photonics processing.

“Plasma-Therm has once again achieved one of the industry’s highest standards for customer satisfaction and equipment performance,” comments VLSIresearch’s president Risto Puhakka. “The Customer Satisfaction Survey has been measuring these industry standards for over 22 years, and Plasma-Therm has proven, year after year, to affirm their commitment to these important goals.”

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