18 May 2011

Samsung focuses on US LED lighting market

Korean electronics giant Samsung has set its sights on the multi-billion dollar lighting market in the United States, with the announcement that it is making its first LED lamps available in the region.

Samsung LED Co Ltd was established globally in April 2009, and now possesses some of the largest LED production facilities in the world, says the firm. An American center of operations has also been established to support the company’s expansion into the US market, located in Atlanta, Ga.

“The lighting industry has finally caught up with the digital revolution, with microchip technology powering lamps enabling longer lifetimes, more environmentally-friendly designs and less energy consumption,” says Philip Warner, vice president of Samsung LED America. “The Samsung brand is practically synonymous with consumer electronics. As more and more people recognize the future of home and commercial lighting lies in this amazing digital technology, we are confident Samsung will take a leading position in the market.”

The firm’s initial line-up ranges from omni-directional incandescent replacements to fluorescent and PAR replacement. Samsung adds that its vertically integrated supply chain allows it to produce all aspects of LED lights, including chips, PKGs, modules, light engines and lamps.

“We will not dilute our offerings with high-efficiency incandescent or even CFLs, as these are yesterday’s technologies. Our focus is 100% on LED,” says Warner.

Visitors to the International Light Fair Show in Philadelphia on May 17-21 may inquire for a private showing of Samsung’s LED lights by attending the Samsung hospitality booth.

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