17 May 2011

CS MANTECH news: Soitec showcases full range of RF substrate technologies

Soitec of Bernin, France is showcasing its full range of radio-frequency (RF) substrate technologies for mobile and consumer applications at the 2011 International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (CS MANTECH) trade event (booth #502), being held this week in lndian Wells, CA.

Soitec says it is the only semiconductor materials supplier offering three RF substrate technologies: gallium arsenide (GaAs epi), high-resistivity silicon-on-insulator (Wave SOI), and bonded silicon-on-sapphire (B-SoS). Each of the materials is well suited for fabricating large volumes of RF ICs for mobile applications, adds the firm. Soitec’s mature technologies, including Smart Cut, Smart Stacking and III-V epitaxy, enable structures with multiple layers or even stacked circuits. According to the firm, whatever the product strategy of RF manufacturers, Soitec has the substrate technology to produce components with higher RF performance and lower costs.

“In the fast-paced mobile and consumer electronics markets, our customers need material solutions to improve energy efficiency and performance, as well as leverage their products’ integration,” said Paul Boudre, chief operating officer of Soitec. “Our full spectrum of substrate products and related technologies provide them with the differentiation to reach higher performance levels and drive innovation while reducing their costs and meeting market demand.”

Soitec, which has been offering GaAs epi wafers for several years, says that it manufactures these substrates in high volumes using an extremely accurate method for growing thin single-crystal layers. Because GaAs offers the highest RF mobility, it is the substrate of choice for millimeter wave-frequency applications, adds the firm. Its high breakdown voltage, low RF loss and high linearity also make it the state-of-the-art material for producing high performance RF ICs. In addition, Soitec is developing new innovations to further push this compound material in this market. The firm’s other products and technologies include Wave SOI and bonded SoS substrates, which have all of the performance attributes needed for integrating digital and RF functions.

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