20 May 2011

TriQuint and Agilent push next-generation wireless design flow

RF front-end product maker and foundry services provider TriQuint Semiconductor Inc of Hillsboro, OR, USA and Agilent Technologies Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA have announced details of enhanced TriQuint process design kits with support for Agilent’s Advanced Design System 2011 EDA software, as well as the development of an ADS RF Module PDK for TriQuint’s RFIC/MMIC and RF Module integrated design flow.

The upgraded ADS Foundry PDKs enable both TriQuint’s foundry customers and in-house design engineers to take advantage of new capabilities in ADS 2011. Specifically, the PDKs provide a fully integrated front-to-back product design flow with customized DRC and LVS solutions. This offers the design engineer a unified suite of EDA software for schematic capture, simulation, layout, and layout verification.

"We have upgraded our PDKs utilizing the new ADS 2011 capabilities in order to provide continued superior design support for our mutual customers and to our in-house product designers," said Glen Riley, vice president of TriQuint’s Commercial Foundry Business Unit.

TriQuint has also expanded ADS deployment for an integrated RF Module design flow. Further collaboration between the two firms led to the validation and deployment of an ADS RF Module PDK within TriQuint that integrates multi-technology IC and RF Module layout features, providing a complete electrical and physical RF Module design flow. The integrated module design flow removes design translation errors, shortens product development cycle times and enables design optimization for module product manufacturing yield.

“We are very pleased to announce these new developments in our collaboration with TriQuint,” said Mark Pierpoint, vice president of Agilent EEsof EDA. “Our best engineers have been working together, and the improved productivity and ability to optimize today’s complex MMIC/RFIC module design flow is exactly what we had hoped to achieve when we started the development of ADS 2011. It is great to see both TriQuint and their customers benefit from our joint engineering investments.”

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