8 November 2011

GigOptix achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality management

GigOptix Inc (which supplies semiconductor and optical components including modulator and laser drivers and transimpedance amplifier ICs based on III-V materials), has achieved the International Organization for Standardizations’ (ISO) 9001:2008 certification, for its corporate headquarters located in San Jose, CA, USA, which demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality-of-service standards. The voluntary certification assures customers of GigOptix’s adherence to documented processes and procedures that ensure continued and ongoing improvements in delivering high-quality product and outstanding customer satisfaction.

“While our international office in Zurich, Switzerland plus our ChipX and Endwave subsidiaries have been certified for some time, this milestone marks the integration of our various teams under a single Quality Management System,” says Julie Tipton, senior VP of operations. “Achieving ISO certification is a cornerstone of our focus on delivering quality products to our customers and a platform for driving constant improvement in our processes to ensure customer satisfaction so that we can continue our rapid growth,” she adds.

The ISO 9001:2008 standard specifies Quality Management System (QMS) requirements focused on an organization’s ability to meet and improve upon product quality requirements and customer satisfaction. As part of the certification process, GigOptix established a new QMS to ensure it continued its commitment to high-quality and high-reliability products. By identifying areas for improvement, creating recommendations to resolve identified gaps, and executing against these recommendations, GigOptix says that it is ensuring that it has the global processes necessary to consistently improve product quality on a regular, quantifiable and demonstrable basis.

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