7 November 2011

Odersun’s PV modules meet criteria for higher solar power tariff in Italy

The VDE Institute (the testing and certification authority of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) has confirmed that the thin-film solar cells produced by Berlin-based Odersun AG, which makes flexible solar modules using proprietary CISCuT (copper indium disulfide on copper tape) reel-to-reel manufacturing technology, will carry the ‘Made in Europe’ certificate. Solar plant operators using Odersun modules can therefore claim a 10% higher feed-in tariff than for non-certified products.

This is based on the latest Italian feed-in law (Conto Energia IV), which introduces new rules for funding solar power in Italy. The Italian energy agency GSE will pay a 10% higher subsidy for projects incorporating European components.

In collaboration with GSE, a certificate has been developed to confirm that at least 60% of a module or its system components have been manufactured in Europe.

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