14 November 2011

RFMD showcasing new wired broadband components at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

In booth 1546 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011 in Atlanta this week (15-17 November), RF Micro Devices Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA is showcasing its portfolio of wired broadband components, which leverage its semiconductor and integration technologies for optical access, CATV, fiber-optic, and other applications.

During the Expo, RFMD is presenting products including its gallium nitride (GaN)-based products, which deliver increased bandwidth, improved power efficiency, and enhanced reliability for network upgrades.

RFMD’s new RFPP2870 hybrid differential, push-pull amplifier module employs GaN HEMT, GaAs MESFET, and GaAs pHEMT die in an industry-standard SOT115J package. Operating from 40MHz to 1003MHz, the device provides minimum gain of 28dB at 1003MHz and output power of +46dBmV. It features what is claimed to be excellent linearity and superior return loss performance with extremely low distortion characteristics (-75dBc CSO and -68dBc CTB) and optimal reliability. The device is unconditionally stable under all termination. The maximum current is 270mA at 24VDC and the noise figure is 4.5dB. Applications include CATV optical nodes and CATV line amplifiers. Pricing begins at $16.84 each for 10,000 pieces.

The RFCA8818 is a high-linearity, low-noise GaAs MESFET 75Ω push-pull broadband amplifier targeted at 40-1008MHz CATV MDU amplifier, drop amplifier, line amplifier, amplifier driver stage and FTTx/xPON/ONU driver amplifier applications. Operating from a single +5-8V power supply and containing internal input and output matching in a thermally enhanced SOIC-8 package, it provides 17dB of small-signal gain and, and features a low noise figure of 2dB and distortion of -72dBc CSO and -70dBc CTB at an output power of +34dBmV POUT. Pricing begins at $2.57 each for 1000 pieces.

The RFAM2790 is an integrated Edge QAM amplifier module employing a GaAs pHEMT die, a GaAs MESFET die, a 20dB-range variable attenuator with 8-28dB gain range at 45-1003MHz, and a power enable feature in a 9-pin, small-outline (11mm x 11mm x 1.375mm) multi-chip module (MCM) surface-mount package. It provides high output power (+46dBmV), and what is claimed to be excellent linearity and superior return loss performance with low noise and optimal reliability. The current is 410mA (typical) at 12VDC, and the noise figure is 4dB. Features include a continuously adjustable interstage attenuator with a single voltage control line, and a single +12VDC supply. The device is unconditionally stable under all termination, and is CM-SP-DRFI-I09-100115 compliant. Applications include CATV Edge QAM systems and line amplifiers, 45-1003MHz downstream Edge QAM RF modulators, and head-end equipment. Pricing begins at $17.70 each for 10,000 pieces.

At the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, RFMD is also distributing its new ‘2011-2012 Wired Broadband Product Selection Guide’, which includes specifications for over 180 products in an updated, easy-to-use format.

RFMD showcases RF components and foundry services at MILCOM

At the MILCOM 2011 military communications tradeshow in Baltimore, MD, USA last week, RFMD showcased its high-power, wide-bandwidth products, in addition to gallium nitride (GaN), gallium arsenide (GaAs) and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) foundry services, targeting multiple wireless communications end-markets, including military communications, private mobile radio, and point-to-point microwave radio.

RFMD displayed a variety of GaN-based products, such as high-power unmatched power transistors, broadband power ICs, and broadband power transistors. It also showcased its portfolio of point-to-point radio products, including up/down converters and MMIC voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), as well as other products addressing the RF and IF functions of point-to-point transceivers.


Visit: www.rfmd.com

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