8 November 2011

SEMI-GAS launches Blixer for precisely blending gases

SEMI-GAS Systems, a division of Applied Energy Systems Inc of Malvern, PA, USA and a manufacturer of ultra-high-purity gas source and distribution systems, has launched Blixer, a custom gas blender that provides a continuous flow of precisely blended gases more economically than buying pre-mixed cylinder gases, it is claimed. On-site blending with a gas blender reduces or completely eliminates the labor required to monitor and exchange gas cylinders, saving time and money while increasing safety, the firm adds.

Blixer — SEMI-GAS Systems’ XturionT gas blender — is commonly used to blend two component-forming gas mixtures, but can be used to blend three, four or more gas components into uniform, controlled mixtures for use in the semiconductor, solar, R&D and other high-purity markets.

Each Blixer gas blender is engineered to meet application-specific requirements for flow, pressure, mixture percentage and blending accuracy. The percentages can also be adjusted by the operator during use via the onboard touch-screen interface. Blixer can support fluctuating usage and variable flow rates from multiple points, each with independent duty cycles.

Blixer uses mass flow controllers (MFCs) to ensure a highly accurate mixture. An optional gas analyzer confirms mixture percentages and provides a control loop to further improve blending accuracy up to 1% of the minor gas component. Blending routines are completely automated.

SEMI-GAS says that Blixer continuously monitors system performance and safety conditions. The blender will automatically send notifications or shut down if an alarm is triggered.

The enclosure is constructed of welded 11 gauge steel and is 86-inches tall, 40-inches wide and 23-inches deep, with a self-closing, self-latching door and window. The window features 1/4-inch thick safety glass. The blender includes a UL-approved fire sprinkler and polycarbonate face shield, and the entire system sits on a durable, corrosion-proof, non-skid floor mat.

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