16 November 2011

SETi’s UV LEDs power next-gen phototherapy systems from Psoria‐Shield

UV LED maker Sensor Electronic Technology Inc (SETi) of Columbia, SC, USA has announced a strategic partnership with Psoria‐Shield Inc, the manufacturer of the world’s first deep-UV LED powered phototherapy system.

SETi says that Psoria‐Shield’s flagship device, the Psoria‐Light, benefits from the advantages of LEDs to deliver a high power density of narrow band UV light to rapidly treat specific targeted areas of skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.

SETi’s UVClean LED array technology has been incorporated into the Psoria‐Light’s patent‐pending emitter, which enables a compact handset to deliver very high-power deep UV light in the range 300-320nm (the optimum wavelength range for a variety of phototherapies). Psoria‐Light systems are sold to dermatology healthcare providers for targeted UV phototherapy.

Bulky, high‐voltage class IV laser systems use hazardous gases that need special handling and regeneration, require rigorous safety precautions, and can only be used by operators with specialized medical qualifications. In contrast, Psoria‐Light targeted UV phototherapy is available for use without a warm up period, is compact and user friendly, does not suffer the same safety concerns or require as specialized a healthcare certification to operate. These benefits significantly reduce cost of ownership for doctors, and that results in improved patient access to this low toxicity, safe and effective therapy. This is only possible with UV LEDs that are fast switching (instant on/off), compact, low-voltage, easier to integrate into systems, and are environmentally friendly.

Psoria‐Light is the first phototherapy treatment product to be launched with SETi’s UVClean lamps. However, SETi provides UVTOP LEDs and UVClean lamps and solutions that span the UV wavelength range from 240nm to 355nm in a variety of markets including medical, military, space and industrial for applications that include analysis, imaging, sensing and disinfection. SETi’s products are backed by an ISO9001-certified business model, ensuring that the tightest of customer specifications can be met for any application, claims the firm.

The UVClean product line includes a range of customized UV LED based solutions such as multi‐chip lamps (for high-power or multi‐wavelength applications), power supplies, drivers, integrated light sources/modules and full, turn‐key UV LED based systems.

This week, SETi and Psoria‐Shield are attending one of the world’s largest medical trade show exhibitions, MEDICA/COMPAMED (in booths 8AL31 and Hall 10, booth B48, respectively), in Dusseldorf, Germany (16‐19 November).

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