20 October 2011

CVD Equipment forms CVD Materials subsidiary

CVD Equipment Corp of Ronkonkoma, NY, USA (a designer and manufacturer of equipment for developing and manufacturing electronic components, materials and coatings) has announced the expansion of the materials part of its business. The materials will be marketed through the subsidiary CVD Materials Corp.

“We believe that now is the right time to build on the processing capability, material manufacturing, marketing and business growth success of our Application Laboratory, which continues to open new business opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional chemical vapor deposition related markets,” says president Leonard Rosenbaum. “We will further develop our in-house next-generation material manufacturing capabilities and capacities and expand our marketing and sales efforts directly to researchers and innovators at universities, government and Industrial R&D facilities that are working on application development for tomorrow’s next generation products in semiconductors, solar, batteries, capacitors, water filtration, catalysts composites, and other traditional and non-traditional chemical vapor deposition applications through CVD Materials,” he adds.

“These applications will primarily utilize graphene, carbon nanotubes (CNT), nanowires (NW), and other 1D, 2D and 3D surface and surface-area-enhanced materials,” Rosenbaum continues. CVD Materials Corp will primarily focus on (1) contract CVD-related process development, (2) research material manufacturing, (3) CVD and other nano-enabled material manufacturing licensed from third parties, and (4) on CVD Equipment Corp’s proprietary materials and material processing platforms.

“We expect that this business model extension will help to accelerate the commercialization of tomorrow’s technologies and will bring future equipment, material manufacturing and joint venture business opportunities to CVD Equipment Corp,” says Karlheinz Strobl, VP of business development. “This expansion of the Application Laboratory will further accelerate the commercialization of tomorrow's technology and our ‘Sustainable Growth with Low Risk” business strategy.’

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