11 October 2011

Hittite launches low-noise frequency divider programmable to divide-by-1 or -3 up to a record 13GHz

Hittite Microwave Corp of Chelmsford, MA, USA (which designs and supplies analog and mixed-signal RF, microwave and millimeter-wave ICs, modules and subsystems as well as instrumentation) has launched a low-noise programmable frequency divider for use in signal generation architectures in test equipment, laboratory systems and various military applications.

The HMC861LP3E is a low-noise programmable frequency divider that can be programmed to divide-by-1 or divide-by-3, and accepts input frequencies from 100MHz to 13GHz. It exhibits low additive phase noise of –152dBc/Hz in divide-by-1 mode, and –153dBc/Hz in divide-by-3 mode. The versatile frequency divider accepts input signal levels from –10 to +10dBm, while delivering +2dBm of output power. The wide input frequency and power level ranges and the low single-sideband phase noise suit synthesizer and phase locked loop (PLL) applications in wideband and high-data-rate communication systems, says Hittite.

The division ratio is selected by a single CMOS-compatible input, and the device is powered from a +5V supply. The HMC861LP3E is the only known MMIC divide-by-3 available on the market that operates to 13GHz, claims Hittite.

The HMC861LP3E is housed in a miniature 3mm x3mm RoHS-compliant QFN leadless SMT package and is specified for operation over –40°C to +85°C.

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