4 October 2011

SemiSouth launches 1200V/5A SiC diodes in true surface-mount packaging

SemiSouth Laboratories Inc of Starkville, MS, USA, which designs and manufactures silicon carbide (SiC) transistor technology for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power management and conversion applications, has launched 1200V/5A diodes in true, compact DPAK (TO-252) surface-mount packaging, which provides the necessary creepage distance and does not require a center pin.

Like many SiC diodes from SemiSouth, the new SDB05S120 parts feature a positive temperature coefficient for ease of paralleling. Switching behavior is independent of temperature and the devices have a maximum operating temperature of 1750C. The new diodes also have a zero reverse recovery current and voltage. The footprint is 0.385 x 0.260-inches and the profile is 0.090-inches.

“We have designed these parts to be as user-friendly as possible, with many features that enable designers to realize the benefits of SiC technology quickly and easily,” says VP sales & marketing Dieter Liesabeths.

The major application for these new SiC diodes lies in photovoltaic micro-inverters, but the devices are also suitable for use in switched-mode power supply (SMPS), power factor correction (PFC) circuits, induction heaters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and motor drives.

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