6 October 2011

XsunX engages JW Technology to introduce CIGSolar to Korea

XsunX Inc of Aliso Viejo, CA, USA, which is developing hybrid copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic (TFPV) solar cell technologies and ' CIGSolar' manufacturing processes, says that over the past few months, while receiving interest from companies worldwide, interest has been especially high from South Korean firms, which have recently announced efforts to add or increase their presence and commitment to solar product manufacturing. XsunX says that this key market for CIGSolar has a strong history of mature intellectual property laws, and a large base of well-established multi-national companies with proven track records of aggressive global technology deployment.

To help it introduce CIGSolar into the Korean market, XsunX has engaged Korea-based JW Technology, which represents large manufacturers that plan to target the global solar market. XsunX says that, with the recent announcement by Samsung to invest $5.5bn in developing solar technology and production, and a $50m direct investment by Korean refinery giant SK Innovation in US-based CIGS PV developer HelioVolt, the Korean solar market appears to be preparing to position itself to compete for a growing share of global solar demand.

XsunX says that, since engaging JW Technology, it has been working to respond to many inquiries that JW has already generated. “XsunX has already made a good impression on potential Korean customers, and we are planning a site visit to XsunX in mid-October with senior representatives from two large Korean firms,” says JW’s Charlie Lee.

“They bring extensive CIGS background and marketing experience necessary to promote the many benefits of XsunX CIGSolar technology,” comments XsunX president & COO Joseph Grimes about JW Technology. “We are looking forward to the upcoming meetings and the opportunity to establish a manufacturing presence for CIGSolar in the very important Korean market.”

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