27 September 2011

Ammono launches high-transparency n-type GaN substrates

Ammono S.A. of Warsaw, Poland, which produces bulk gallium nitride (GaN) using ammonothermal technology, has introduced a new range of high transparency n-type substrates.

During the last 12 years Ammono has developed technology allowing the manufacture of GaN wafers with carrier concentrations between 2x1017cm-3 and 2x1020cm-3. The existing standard n-type product has a carrier concentration of 1019cm-3. Ammono says that, to respond to market needs, it is introducing new products based on n-type material that is characterized by both a higher transparency and a lower carrier concentration of 3x1017cm-3. The ammonothermal GaN substrates hence present additional advantages for the production of LEDs, UV LEDs and photovoltaic applications, the firm reckons.

The dislocation density in the material remains at a level of 5x104cm-2, which is currently the best commercially available, it is claimed. Initially, Ammono will offer high-transparency substrates in form factors of 10mm x 10mm square wafers and circular 1” wafers. In 2012, besides its standard 2” n-type AMMONO-GaN substrate, the firm is targeting the introduction of a 2” product based on this new high-transparency material.

Tags: n-type GaN substrates

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