28 September 2011

ISOFOTON developing HCPV technology through Innpacto projects

High-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) systems maker ISOFOTON SA of Madrid, Spain is involved in three INNPACTO projects that are coordinated technically by the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaics Systems (ISFOC) as part of the ‘SigmaSoles’ consortium.

Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation will support the technology sector with a total allocation of €11.84m, while the European Union is co-financing a tranche of €1.09m through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

ISOFOTON is coordinating the three-year project ‘SigmaMódulos’, which aims to improve the module conversion efficiency of 35%, involving two research centres at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) - the Solar Energy Institute (IES) and the Integrated Home Automation Centre (CeDInt), ISFOC in Puertollano, and the Institute of Aerospace Engineering (INTA) in Madrid.

ISOFOTON is also participating in both the ‘SigmaTrackers’ project (which aims to improve and innovate on trackers for CPV systems in Spain) and the ‘SigmaPlantas’ project (which targets innovation in facilities developed with this technology). Other firms participating in the projects include SENER, INDRA and Ingeteam.

“The second generation of HCPV technology in ISOFOTON has evolved towards better system efficiency, increasing the so-called acceptance angle of modules while reducing costs through complete automation of cell-lens encapsulation and the rest of the production process,” says the firm’s HCPV director Vicente Diaz. “The optical system comprises two lenses with high optical quality and efficiency that have been specifically designed to combine production efficiency with rapid integration into large-scale installations,” he adds. “At present, the market is showing great interest in HCPV technology, and ISOFOTON is adapting to it with a reliable and mature product”.

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