27 September 2011

LayTec launches EddY for high-resolution sheet resistance measurement

At the 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC 2011) in Hamburg, Germany (5-9 September), LayTec AG of Berlin, Germany (which makes in-situ metrology systems for MOCVD processes) launched a new system for high-resolution sheet resistance measurements, powered by the firm’s Dresden-based partner Suragus GmbH, which provides eddy-current-based testing technology.

EddY offers contact-free real-time monitoring of deposition processes for thin-films, e.g. transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), using high-speed eddy current measurement. The system provides comprehensive conductivity/sheet resistance analysis.

EddY can be integrated in any solar cell production line as an in-line metrology tool, allowing 100% coverage of conductivity properties. It enables fast feedback of layer homogeneity and absolute sheet resistance values with direct feedback to the deposition process. Tight coverage of each glass sheet (or other substrate) with several measurement points per sheet allows precise process control and statistical process control (SPC). The results enable the user to recognize short-term deviations and long-term trends, the firm says.

LayTec says that EddY offers quality control of low- and high-conductive thin-films, especially TCO sheet resistivity monitoring from 0.01-1000Ω/square and thickness measurements from 5nm. The firm adds that it can easily adapt the system to a customer’s needs for specific measurement ranges and dynamics.

LayTec seeks Sales Engineer

LayTec says that, with it experiencing further dynamic growth and hence looking for new, highly qualified team members, it is seeking a sales engineer for in-line measurement technology. To enquire, e-mail mail@laytec.de.

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