6 September 2011

Mitsubishi Electric to launch 1.3μm 40Gbps EML module

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp has announced the upcoming commercial launch on 1 November of a compact 1.3μm-band 40Gbps electro-absorption modulator laser (EML) module for optical signal transmission up to 10km by devices used for sending high-volume data. The FU-497SEA will be presented at the 13th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) in Shenzhen, China next week (6–9 September).

As online traffic continues to increase rapidly, 10Gbps optical interfaces for networks are giving way to faster 40Gbps interfaces, says Mitsubishi Electric. The firm’s existing FU-697SEA 40Gbps EML module uses the 1.55μm band for transmission distances that are limited by wavelength dispersion to about 2km.

As chromatic dispersion at 1.3μm is almost negligible, the new 1.3μm-band EML chip can deliver high signal quality for 40Gbps optical transmissions over distances of up to 10km. Using single-mode fiber (via an LC connector), the transmission penalty is less than 1dB after 10km. The module also has a high extinction ratio (10dB, typical) and high mask margin (10%, typical) at 43Gbps operation.

With a package compliant with the XLMD-MSA (multi-source agreement), the RF signal input is via dual SMPM connectors for differential connection between modules and digital signal circuits (helping to simplify system design for transmission equipment).

Mitsubishi Electric says that it plans to launch additional compact, power-saving EML modules in future. 

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