20 September 2011

ClariPhy and Oclaro launch 40G coherent reference design

ClariPhy Communications Inc of Irvine, CA, USA, a fabless developer of ultra-high-speed, mixed-signal digital signal processing (MXSP) system-on-chip (SoC) ICs for coherent optical networks, and optical component, module and subsystem maker Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA have announced the availability of a 40Gbps coherent reference design that includes a broad portfolio of commercially available high-volume coherent components.

The reference design features Oclaro’s complete set of 40Gbps coherent optical transmission components – including a narrow-linewidth ITLA (integrated tunable laser assembly), 40G coherent receiver and 40G lithium niobate modulator - as well as the ClariPhy LightSpeed CL 4010 coherent SoC (claimed to be the first single-chip CMOS coherent SOC manufactured in a standard 40nm CMOS). It is an open platform design that has already achieved interoperability with Cortina’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) Processor families and can be leveraged by other coherent component companies to address the growing need for coherent-based networks. The new reference design is being demonstrated in ClariPhy’s private conference room at this week's European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC 2011) in Geneva, Switzerland (19–21 September).

“ClariPhy and Oclaro are leading the development of an entire coherent ecosystem that delivers flexible and agile high-bit-rate solutions that service providers are demanding,” claims Reza Norouzian, ClariPhy’s VP of business development & sales. “With a coherent-based network, service providers can easily and cost-effectively transition from 10Gbps to 40Gbps coherent networks while paving the migration to 100 Gbps coherent networks in the future. These advantages are driving the rapid deployment of coherent-based technology, as demonstrated by the volume shipments that Oclaro and ClariPhy are making into this space,” he adds.

“The availability of a coherent reference design is another milestone in driving the successful proliferation of coherent technology into the core optical network,” says Oclaro’s chief commercial officer Yves Le Maitre. “Coherent networks have already proven to deliver the flexibility and scalability service providers need to continually deliver higher bandwidth at affordable price points, and this announcement highlights the fast pace at which the industry is moving to this advanced technology.”

Oclaro and ClariPhy say that, driven by its 55,000ps/nm chromatic dispersion tolerance, the reference design can deliver up to 3000km of optical reach performance, enabling module and line-card designers to deliver what is claimed to be leading optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) performance and low power consumption with high chromatic and polarization-mode dispersion tolerance.

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