29 September 2011

Plasma Etch launches PE-100 Convertible combined anisotropic/isotropic etching/cleaning system

Plasma Etch Inc of Carson City, NV, USA has launched a new plasma system that incorporates two individual plasma etching/cleaning type/mode technologies into a single complete stand-alone plasma etching/cleaning system.

The PE-100 Convertible allows the user to switch back and forth between reactive ion etch (RIE) anisotropic-type etching mode applications and isotropic-type etching/cleaning-mode applications. Traditionally, two separate stand-alone plasma systems were necessary to achieve this capability.

The PE-100 Convertible system can be used for R&D, medical devices, solar cells, nanotechnology, optics, printed circuit boards, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), wafer-level packaging, and laboratory applications as well as other related semiconductor processes.

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