18 April 2012

Accel-RF launching RF test-characterization platform at CS ManTech

Accel-RF Corp of San Diego, CA, USA (which produces turn-key RF reliability testing systems for compound semiconductor devices) has announced the availability of a standalone integral software and hardware platform capable of functioning as an independent single-channel or virtual multi-channel characterization test subsystem for microwave and millimetre-wave devices.

The platform is USB controlled to provide temperature, RF-signal and bias-control to a device-under-test (DUT) for semiconductor performance measurement. When used in conjunction with Accel-RF’s embedded Pulser-Card Assembly, the test device is capable of pulsed DC and RF stimulus.

“With this solution engineers can perform a suite of tests for up to 15 different package types that may be used in their product offering,” says CEO & co-founder Roland Shaw. “This provides our customers with ultimate flexibility for characterizing RF devices with a consistent interface and RF/microwave platform,” he adds.

“In fact a number of test-sequences and stimulus-definitions may be user-defined in the software and automatically performed. This capability opens a world of test methodologies previously unavailable in a single test system platform,” Shaw continues. “A consistent, clean test platform design, with excellent RF performance for the myriad of package types being used in the wireless industry, is not only more efficient, but saves considerable human and financial resources.”

Typical test scenarios have integrated the RF platform with other third-party manufacturers’ instruments to accomplish step-stress testing, device RF-biased channel-temperature thermal imaging, semiconductor parametric analysis with device aging at elevated temperature, and synchronized DC/RF pulsed-bias performance characterization.

The test platform is also compatible with Accel-RF’s AARTS LIFETEST product line and may be used with standard test fixtures used in an AARTS reliability test system.

Accel-RF is highlighting the new RF test-characterization platform at its booth at the International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (2012 CS ManTech) in Boston, MA (23-25 April).

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