17 April 2012

Brewer Science launches thin wafer handling systems for compound semi device processing

Brewer Science Inc of Rolla, MO, USA (which provides specialty materials and equipment for the microelectronics industry) has introduced new wafer processing equipment designed for thin wafer separation and post-debonding cleaning, steps that are critical for ultra-sensitive compound semiconductor (CS) device processing. The latest equipment designs enable thin wafer handling technologies that can broaden process windows and lower total cost of ownership by reducing yield loss and increasing throughput, the firm claims.

“Brewer Science Cee lab-scale processing equipment offers track-quality precision and is suitable for low-volume prototype processing that enables transfer to high-volume manufacturing,” says Wayne Farrar, director of equipment. “With our temporary bonding materials and lab-scale equipment, we bring a breadth and depth of process experience that is unequaled by any other company,” he claims.

The following are the new semi-automatic thin wafer handling tools manufactured by Brewer Science for CS processing applications:

  • Cee 1300CSX thermal debonder, which enables high-temperature slide-off debonding of thinned III-V and CS materials (GaAs, GaN, InP and SiC) in a confidential laboratory setting.
  • ZoneBOND separation tool, which has been enhanced with compliant seal clamps and fail-safe abort hardware to accommodate thinned III-V and CS materials. The latest generation provides superior precision control for debonding materials that are highly sensitive to mechanical and thermal shock, flexibility for sizes ranging from 2 inches to 300mm, and very low-stress room-temperature debonding.
  • Cee 300MXD megasonic cleaning system, which applies uniform acoustic energy to spinning substrates to gently remove adhesive residues and contaminants without damaging fragile device structures.

Brewer Science is exhibiting in booth 47 at the International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (2012 CS MANTECH) in Boston, MA (23-26 April).

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