16 April 2012

Custom MMIC’s Ka-band LNA offers 1.7dB noise figure and 50mW power dissipation

Monolithic microwave integrated circuit developer Custom MMIC of Westford, MA, USA is offering a new device from its growing MMIC design library. The CMD162 is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) MMIC low-noise amplifier (LNA) chip for applications from 26 to 34GHz (in the Ka-band). Optimized for 30GHz satellite communications, it has a typical noise figure of 1.7dB with a small-signal gain of 22dB and an output 1dB compression point of +7 dB. The amplifier delivers high performance with high efficiency, reducing typical industry DC power dissipation for a device in this frequency band from about 340mW to 50mW, it is claimed.

The CMD162 also offers subsystem and device designers a key cost reduction attribute, says the firm. Implementation is simplified since the device only requires positive drain and gate voltages of +2V, eliminating the negative voltages and sequencer circuits commonly associated with LNAs in this frequency range. The CMD162 can be biased with a drain voltage ranging from +1 to +4V and a gate voltage ranging from 0 to +3V.

The amplifier die measures 2.3mm x 1.3mm, includes gold backside metallization, and has full nitride passivation for increased reliability and moisture protection. It can handle input signal levels to +20dBm. The GaAs MMIC amplifier has typical input return loss of 18dB and output return loss of 20dB, both at 30GHz. It is a much smaller, lower-cost alternative to hybrid LNAs for this frequency range, and is uniquely suited for both narrowband and broadband applications requiring small size and low current consumption, including phased-array radar and point-to-point microwave radio systems, it is claimed.

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