24 April 2012

GigOptix announces availability for sampling of its next-gen GX3222B dual channel linear TIA for use in 100Gb/s DWDM optical receivers

GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which supplies semiconductor and optical components for high-speed information streaming), has announced the availability for sampling of its next generation GX3222B dual channel linear transimpedance amplifier (TIA) designed for use in 100Gb/s DWDM optical receivers.

GX3222B is a high performance, silicon germanium, dual channel 32Gbaud linear TIA with adjustable bandwidth control that enables its use in receiver modules in a number of fiber optic transmission systems, such as current generation 100Gb/s DP-QPSK optical systems in addition to future 400Gb/s optical systems. It is designed for use in 100G and beyond coherent optical receivers and includes critical functions such as high DC current cancellation, low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), linear gain over a high dynamic range and low power consumption.
GX3222B features include:

  • Adjustable frequency range supporting 28Gbaud up to 32Gbaud
  • Differential gain up to 5000
  • 660 mW low power consumption
  • Linear gain with over 30dB of dynamic range
  • Operates in both single or dual photodiode configurations
  • Switchable automatic or manual gain control modes
  • Output voltage control
  • Peak detection/input monitor
  • Shutdown mode
  • Form factor compatible with GigOptix's GX3122B linear TIA for 40G DP-QPSK
"The GX3222B next generation TIA is an exciting addition to our growing product portfolio of 100G products," said Marco Cipriani, director of engineering for GigOptix's Optical product line, and principal designer of this TIA. "The migration of optical communication to multi-level signaling to address the increased bandwidths being demanded by consumers has added new challenges to the design of high speed TIAs. The new GX3222B addresses these new requirements by leveraging our first generation TIAs to incorporate new features requested by customers while also improving the performance in terms of linearity, dynamic range and input power handling so the new GX3222B addresses not only current 100Gb/s requirements but also next generation transmissions speeds of 400Gb/s and 1Tb/s."

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