16 April 2012

Osram Opto launches its first chip-on-board LED, targeting 1500-4500lm downlights

Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH of Regensburg, Germany has launched the Soleriq series, its first chip-on-board LED, which it says yields the high luminous flux required by downlights providing high-quality background lighting in professional applications (e.g. shopping malls, offices, industrial buildings and high-end residential premises). Even at high application temperatures the new LEDs create the basis for highly efficient luminaires with a luminous flux of 1500lm to 4500lm, the firm adds.

Picture: High-lumen Soleriq E chip-on-board LED for use in downlights.

Just one Soleriq-E-LED is needed to give a luminaire enough light, says Osram Opto. This makes designing luminaires much easier, it is claimed, because only one component needs to be integrated instead of many LEDs. Also, the individual chips are all under the conversion layer (chip-on-board), giving the impression of a homogeneous light-emitting surface. This ensures a uniform color and light appearance in the luminaire, and even coupling into external light-guiding optics is simple, the firm adds. The light generated can be used with much lower optical losses, increasing LED lamp and luminaire efficiency.

The Soleriq E is available in two versions, covering the entire color spectrum from 2700K to 6500K. Even at a temperature of 85°C (which corresponds closely to the temperature in the application), the two LEDs offer a luminous efficiency of 103lm/W at 4000K. At this temperature the larger Soleriq E 45 (36mm x 36mm x 1.7mm) has a typical brightness of 4000lm (rated current 880mA); the smaller Soleriq E 30 (30mm x 30mm x 1.7mm) produces a lumen output of 2700lm (at 600mA). Thermal resistance is 0.38K/W (E 30) and 0.25K/W (E 45). Lamp life is more than 50,000 hours for both. The beam angle is 120°.

Image: High colour homogeneity: Soleriq E is grouped by 4-step MacAdam ellipses.

Good color homogeneity is achieved by a narrow white grouping, corresponding to a range of 4-step MacAdam ellipses. For solutions requiring a particularly high level of color homogeneity, grouping based on 2-step MacAdam ellipses is also available.

“Downlights are in widespread use in many areas such as shop, office and residential lighting but need high-lumen packages between 1500lm and 4500lm to perform their task,” notes Andreas Vogler, Osram Opto Semiconductors’ marketing manager, general illumination. “We can achieve these high values with just one LED component. This makes it easier to couple the light into external optics and to integrate the light source in the luminaire.”

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