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29 August 2012

Cree introduces The Edge High Output LED Series

LED chip, lamp and lighting fixture maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has introduced The Edge High Output (H.O.) area and flood light LED luminaires, which are capable of replacing high output sources, such as 1000 watt metal halide, and use 50% less energy in most applications. The new luminaire features more than twenty optical configurations, among them a new FrontlineOptic technology designed for auto dealerships.

“Buying a car is a visual experience and quality lighting has an immediate positive impact on the retail shopping experience,” said Mike Lallier, president and owner, Reed Lallier Chevrolet. “Cree designed The Edge High Output luminaire to meet the specific needs of auto dealerships. The revolutionary solution provides superior color quality that allows us to effectively extend our selling window after dark.”

WIth patented NanoOptic technology, The Edge H.O. luminaire precisely distributes light to where it is needed, meaning customers only pay for the light required, says Cree. In addition, exceptional thermal management enhances reliability and contributes to a system that can provide more than a decade of near maintenance-free service.

The new luminaire offers better color stability and reliability, as well as a higher CRI and a much broader spectrum color source compared to high-wattage metal halide alternatives, adds Cree.
“The Edge H.O. offered significant energy and maintenance savings compared to 1000 watt metal halide without compromise,” said Allen Trench, operations manager, Irvine Home Center, Irvine Company Retail Properties. “Improved illumination performance, better color quality and greater reliability allow us to provide a much more consistent and enhanced shopping experience for our customers.”

“In addition to dramatically enhancing the curb appeal for the dealership's auto inventory, we elected to install Cree LED luminaires for the significant savings on energy costs and maintenance,” said Mike Ward, president and owner, Mike Ward Infiniti. “Gone are the high costs and disruptions associated with relamping our old metal halide fixtures. The Cree solution is highly reliable which means we shouldn’t need to touch them again for more than a decade. And the improved color quality compared to metal halide really makes a difference. Now our cars always look great, day or night.”

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