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2 August 2012

Hittite launches wideband LNA & PAs for high-linearity microwave radio, EW/ECM, radar and test instrumentation

Hittite Microwave Corp of Chelmsford, MA, USA (which designs and supplies analog, digital and mixed-signal RF, microwave and millimeter-wave ICs, modules and subsystems as well as instrumentation) has launched two new power amplifiers suited to microwave radio, electronic warfare (EW), electronic counter measures (ECM) and radar applications to 28GHz. Also released is a unique wideband low-noise amplifier (LNA) that operates from 300MHz to 20GHz and is suited to wideband multi-chip-module (MCM) and subsystem applications.

The HMC994LP5E is a GaAs MMIC pHEMT distributed power amplifier that operates between DC and 28GHz. The amplifier provides 13dB of gain, +29dBm of saturated output power, and 23% power-added efficiency (PAE) from a +10V supply. With up to +38dBm output IP3, the device suits high-linearity applications in military and space as well as point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radios.

The HMC998LP5E is a GaAs MMIC pHEMT distributed power amplifier that operates between 100MHz and 20GHz. The amplifier provides 11dB of gain, +41dBm output IP3, and +31dBm of output power at 1dB gain compression while requiring only 500mA from a +15V supply.

Both the HMC994LP5E and the HMC998LP5E exhibit very flat gain from 4 to 16GHz and from 3 to 17GHz respectively, suiting EW, ECM, radar and test equipment applications. Both are supplied in leadless QFN 5mm x 5mm surface-mount packages and feature I/Os that are internally matched to 50 Ohms.

The HMC1049 is a GaAs MMIC pHEMT low-noise amplifier die that operates between 300MHz and 20GHz and employs a novel topology that maintains a low noise figure of 1.7dB at low frequencies. The amplifier also delivers 16dB of small-signal gain and output IP3 of +27dBm, while requiring only 70mA from a +7V supply. The P1dB output power of +16dBm enables the LNA to function as an LO driver for balanced, I/Q or image reject mixers. The device is internally matched to 50 Ohms for ease of integration into MCMs.

Die samples, SMT product samples and evaluation PC boards for all SMT-packaged products are available from stock.

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