21 February 2012

Anadigics launches dual-band PAD front-end modules

RF and mixed-signal semiconductor maker Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has introduced a new family of dual-band power amplifier duplexer (PAD) modules based on the firm’s third-generation High-Efficiency-at-Low-Power (HELP3E) technology.

By combining HELP3E power amplifiers with high-performance internal duplexers (with balanced Rx ports), the new PAD front-end modules deliver what is claimed to be optimal RF performance and longer battery-life, while reducing device design and assembly complexity. The modules include two separate RF paths in a compact 4.5mm by 6mm package, offering what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest 3G/4G dual-band footprint and reducing PCB space requirements by as much as 40%. In addition, the maximum 1mm package height supports next-generation thin form-factor phones.

Compliant with WCDMA/HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE, the new family of dual-band PAD modules uses the firm’s exclusive InGaP-Plus technology to achieve optimal power-added efficiency (PAE) across low-range and mid-range output power levels (via three mode states) for use with or without a DC-DC converter, and to achieve low quiescent current of 4mA. The internal design optimizes the power amplifier and duplexer match to deliver greater overall system efficiency and RF front-end performance, says Anadigics. The firm also claims best-in-class linearity at maximum output power. In addition, a flat gain response across all bands yields superior system performance and ease of calibration, it is claimed.

“Next-generation mobile devices are being designed to deliver an unprecedented level of features, performance, and style as consumers continue to demand greater functionality and versatility,” says John van Saders, senior VP of RF products. “By combining industry-leading efficiency, linearity, and integration, Anadigics’ PAD modules help extend battery-life, minimize space requirements, and reduce time-to-market,” he adds.

Engineering samples are available now for the AWT6641 (for Bands 1 & 5), AWT6645 (for Bands 2 & 5), and AWT6648 (for Bands 1 and 8). Operating at a voltage of 3.4V, end-to-end WCDMA efficiency is 20.1% for Band 1 and 20.5% for Band 5 for the AWT6641; 20.5% for both Bands 1 and 5 for the AWT6645; and 20.1% for Band 1 and 21.2% for Band 8 for the AWT6648. Maximum output power is 24.5dBm.

At the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (27 February to 1 March), Anadigics will have a private chalet on Hall Avenue (AV83), where it will feature a product showcase of 3G and 4G devices powered by its RF solutions.

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