14 February 2012

Cree LED Lighting luminaires used to upgrade petroleum station

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA says that the Highland Chevron gas station and ExtraMile food market in Beaverton, OR, USA recently underwent extensive eco-renovations, including the installation of interior and exterior LED lighting using Cree LED fixtures (supporting Highland Chevron’s mission of becoming a zero-energy establishment).

Rebuilt from the ground up, the Highland Chevron store is fully lit with Cree LED luminaires under the exterior canopy and inside the convenience store, delivering energy savings estimated at nearly 70% over the old non-LED fixtures. The indoor and outdoor LED lighting allows the station to consume a third less energy than typical 24-hour c-stores and petroleum stations, according to Highland Chevron’s owner Bob Barman. He estimates that the new Cree luminaires should provide payback in 2.5 years, and financial savings accumulate after that. The Beaverton Chevron anticipates more than a decade of virtually maintenance-free operation.

“The payoff is more than what is saved in energy consumption and cost,” says Barman. “The payoff is also intangible – it’s what your customers think of you as a leader in sustainability,” he adds.

The original 368W metal halide fixtures on the fueling canopy were replaced with 24 Cree 304 Series recessed canopy luminaires with petroleum symmetric optics. Based on BetaLED Technology, the 105W 304 Series luminaires provide NanoOptic lighting control with little spill-off into neighboring areas, helping to comply with local light pollution ordinances. In addition, in the ExtraMile food market, 330W fluorescent fixtures were replaced by 27 Cree 304 Series pendant-mount luminaires.

“Energy-efficient and near-maintenance-free LED lighting is ideal for the 7/24 operations of gas stations and convenience stores,” says Andy Strickland, Cree VP, petroleum lighting. “Cree’s LED products offer the Beaverton Chevron early payback and financial savings over their lifetime.”

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