9 February 2012

CyOptics launches compact 40Gbps TOSA and ROSA for QSFP+ transceivers

CyOptics Inc of Lehigh Valley, PA, USA, which makes indium phosphide (InP)-based and silica-on-silicon optical chips and components, has announced the availability of a new series of 40Gbps transmit optical subassemblies (TOSA) and receive optical subassemblies (ROSA) for use in quad small-form-factor pluggable (QSFP+) transceivers targeting high-bandwidth routers and switches in data-center and enterprise networks. The TOSA and ROSA expand CyOptics’ growing portfolio of component solutions leveraging monolithic and hybrid photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

The TPIC-10410-A1 TOSA delivers four coarse dense wavelength division multiplexed (CWDM) wavelengths in the 1310nm window on a single optical output. The TOSA integrates four uncooled 10Gbps directly modulated lasers (DMLs), an optical multiplexer to combine the laser wavelengths, and four PIN photo-detectors for backfacet power monitoring. The RPIC-10410-A1 ROSA integrates an optical de-multiplexer to separate the four incoming CWDM wavelengths, an array of four 10Gbps PIN photo-detectors and a quad trans-impedance amplifier (TIA).

“Data-center operators and equipment manufacturers don’t have to worry about the interconnect flavor now that QSFP+ is available for both SR4 and LR4,” comments Ovum’s principal analyst Karen Liu. “CyOptics’ 40GE TOSA and ROSA enable this attractive high-density form factor for single-mode transceivers. We project 40G QSFP+ for LR4 applications to overtake CFP quickly, growing at a compounded annual growth rate [CAGR] of over 79% from 2012 through 2015; they represent one of the fastest-growing market segments in the optical component space,” she adds.

“Our new TOSA and ROSA address the needs for very compact 40GE [40 Gigabit Ethernet] QSFP+ solutions to provide higher faceplate density and lower power consumption in data-centers,” says Stefan Rochus, CyOptics’ VP of marketing & business development. “We are leveraging our extensive portfolio of high-speed InP components together with our automated precision-robotic integration and packaging platforms to deliver these high-performance and low-cost 40Gbps TOSA and ROSA solutions,” he adds.

The TOSA and ROSA are packaged in hermetic, planar packages with an LC receptacle optical interface and two flex connects for the electrical interface. The compact 15.8mm x 5.8mm TOSA and 17.2mm x 5.8mm ROSA packages are compliant for use in the QSFP+ transceiver form factor and serve the 40GBASE-LR4 (10km) application per the IEEE 802.3ba standard.

CyOptics is sampling the TPIC-10410-A1 and RPIC-10410-A1 now, with general availability planned for July.

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