13 February 2012

HB-LED market to grow 13.4% from 2011’s $8.9bn to $10.1bn in 2012

After growing 7.9% year-on year to about $8.9bn in 2011, the global high-brightness (HB) LED market output value will grow 13.4% to $10.1bn in 2012, forecasts Taiwan’s Digitimes Research. However, demand for metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) systems will shrink to 200 units, it adds.

The combined share of HB-LEDs in the Japan, South Korea and Taiwan markets will reach 61.3% in 2012, Digitimes Research predicts. In particular, China will grow by 30% in 2012 due to the large amount of MOCVD equipment ordered previously, with about 150 units coming online in 2012. China mainly focuses on low- and medium-power LED products, the firm notes.

For backlighting of large-size panels, LEDs will reach a penetration of 34.1%, higher than other applications (such as lighting, with 16.7%), predicts Digitimes Research. By 2014, the penetration of LED backlighting in large-size panels and lighting will be 28.7% and 33.4% respectively, it adds.

The sweet-spot prices for LED light bulbs to replace traditional 60W light bulbs are $25/unit in Japan, $15/unit in Europe and North America, and $7/unit in emerging markets, says Digitimes Research. The LED light bulb penetration rate is expected to be 5.4% (comprising about 1.05 billion units) in 2012.

The penetration of LED lighting in the entire lighting market was only 6.6% in 2011, reckons the firm. However, governments have been announcing policies and measures to increase LED lighting market share (e.g. to 50% in Japan, 30% in South Korea, and 20% in China in 2015). Globally, the penetration of LED lighting will reach 11.3% in 2012 and 25.8% in 2014, forecasts Digitimes Research. Output value will reach $16.5bn in 2012 and $41.9bn in 2014, it concludes.

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