28 February 2012

Optogan launches 500W COB LED lighting module delivering up to 50,000lm from single component

European LED chip and luminaire maker Optogan says that its new high-power (500W) 'X10' chip-on-board (COB) LED lighting module is based on the vision of scalability and lean processing, offering a modular approach for luminaire designs from 1100lm to 55,000lm.

The X10 is a ceramic-based COB-block, consisting of 50 segments, which can be easily divided into LED elements of smaller sizes and power. Each of them can be used in separate light fittings. The smallest segment of the X10 consists of a 1cm2 ceramic board and consumes 10W (1A, 10V), with efficacy levels already exceeding 100lm/W.

The ceramic base and product material selection is based on long-life performance. The COB was designed for direct mounting on heat sinks, offering a smaller footprint than conventional solutions. Also, as an X10 system-specific accessory, a universal connector (providing both electrical and mechanical interfaces for assembly and optics) is available.

Due to the various sizes and forms of the elements, the modules can be used in LED-retrofits, downlights, and industrial and street lighting up to flood and stage lights. The new technology also fulfills smart binning and lean in-house production capabilities, says Optogan.

Optogan says that its multinational engineering team has achieved the objective of developing a unified COB module portfolio for simplified application, handling, increased performance and lifetime at a universal level.

“X10 represents Optogan’s new flagship, offering modular solutions, economical and simple to use, for that additional degree of freedom in lighting design,” says Markus Zeiler, general manager global sales & marketing at Optogan GmbH in Germany. “Coupled with state-of-the-art module efficiency over 100lm/W, the X10 provides our clients the maximum possible variety in steps of 10W reaching up to 500W,” he adds.

The international launch of the X10 is taking place at this week’s Embedded World 2012 event in Nuremberg, Germany. Pre-series production is currently ramping up.

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