14 February 2012

QD Laser achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification

QD Laser Inc of Kawasaki, Japan says that on 25 January it achieved certification to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008.

QD Laser was founded in 2006 based on more than 10 years of research on quantum-dot-based optoelectronic devicesby Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd and the University of Tokyo. It has since developed and marketed commercial products including quantum-dot lasers.

The firm already makes 1270-1310nm FP/DFB quantum-dot lasers for fiber-optic communications, 1000-1120nm DFB lasers for material processing and sensing, and 600nm high-power lasers with a monitor photodiode, as well as selling 1300nm quantum-dot epiwafers. Most recently, at SPIE Photonics West 2012 in San Francisco in late January, QD Laser said that - together with the University of Tokyo, its Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd – it has developed compact laser modules emitting at wavelengths of 561nm (yellow-green) and 594nm (orange) with high-speed modulation capability, as well as a high-power 532nm-wavelength compact green laser module with both high-efficiency and high-speed modulation capability.

QD Laser says that, by running and continuously improving the certificated quality management system, it aims to provide higher-quality semiconductor laser solutions.

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Visit: www.qdlaser.com

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