8 February 2012

Seoul Semiconductor launches AC-powered Acrich2 linear module for ballast-free fluorescent replacement

At the Strategies in Light 2012 conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA this week (7-9 February), South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has released another AC-powered LED solution in its second-generation Acrich2 family (following the launch of the initial Acrich2 product last October). The Acrich2 Linear Module exhibits efficacies, light output levels and power factors comparable to DC LED solutions, it is claimed, while eliminating the AC to DC power supply.

Compared with existing linear modules driven by direct current, the main feature of the Acrich2 Linear Module is the removal of the AC/DC converter and consequently the optimized form factor. This type of solution increases reliability by removing many of the components that cause early lifetime failure of other fluorescent replacement solutions, the firm claims. The design also provides more flexibility and space to work inside the fixture since the large ballast (power supply) does not have to be accommodated.

AC solutions of the past have required a sacrifice in power line performance such as power factor and total harmonic distortion (THD), says Seoul Semiconductor. The firm claims that Acrich2 solves this issue and provides power factor increases to 97%, power efficiencies up to 90% and THD approaching 10%. In addition, the Acrich2 Linear Module will be available with LM-80 and UL testing data.

“Armed with optimized and simplistic system design, the Acrich2 Linear Module is a state-of-the-art product that outperforms existing non-environmentally friendly fluorescent lamps and direct current LED fluorescent lamps,” claims Seoul Semiconductor vice president Sunghun Bae. “With the doubly long life-span and lower carbon dioxide emission, customers will be able to actualize eco-friendly lighting while paying lower electricity bills,” he adds. 

The module comes in 220V, 120V and 100V variants. Starting this month, samples are available from the local sales force, manufacturer representatives, and distributors.

Earlier this year, the firm announced a family of similar Acrich2 modules targeted at the replacement lamp market that allows easy bulb design of A19, PAR, MR16 and other form factors.

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