1 February 2012

Soitec completes acquisition of Altatech

Soitec of Bernin, France, which makes engineered substrates including silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers (as well as III-V epiwafers through its Picogiga International division), has completed its acquisition (announced on 23 December) of all the outstanding shares composing the capital of privately held Altatech Semiconductor S.A. of Montbonnot Saint Martin, near Grenoble, France.

Formed in 2004 by a group of semiconductor professionals based on expertise in high-tech semiconductor production systems, Altatech currently develops technologies and equipment for new applications in emerging markets. Specifically, it makes wafer inspection and analysis, liquid-vaporization chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and nanoprinting equipment.

The final purchase price was 15m Euros. The acquisition was financed partly in cash and partly using Soitec stock, purchased by BNP Paribas Exane on the market under the share buy-back program approved by the shareholders during the combined ordinary and extraordinary meetings on 24 June 2011. Selling shareholders are bound by certain holding requirements for the portion of the purchase price to be paid in Soitec stock.

Soitec says that the acquisition will ensure strategic access to the specific equipment needed to deliver its light-emitting diode (LED) strategy as well as supporting the manufacturing ramp up of its new Plug&Sun stand-alone mini solar tracker system.

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