24 February 2012

Toyoda Gosei files GaN LED patent infringement lawsuits against Forepi

Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Taoyuan District Court against LED chip maker Formosa Epitaxy Inc (Forepi) of Taoyuan County, Taiwan. The lawsuit alleges is infringement of Toyoda Gosei's patents TW356608 and TW575971 with regard to gallium nitride (GaN)-based LED chips and seeks an injunction against multiple Forepi LED products.

Prior to the lawsuit in Taiwan, on 21 February Toyoda Gosei also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Forepi in the US District Court, Northern District of California infringement of its LED chip patents (US5753939, US6005258, US6040588, US6191436, US6265726, US6420733, US6933169, and US7138286), seeking damages and an injunction against multiple Forepi LED products, amongst other remedies.

Toyoda Gosei says that, as a result of its R&D, it has obtained numerous LED-related intellectual property rights worldwide. “We have respected others’ and our own intellectual property rights in Japan and other countries, and have made our best efforts to further develop the market,” the firm says. “Particularly in Taiwan, we have not only manufactured and sold our products and procured parts, but we have also established cooperative relationships with our partner firms with regards to manufacturing,” it adds.

“To establish an environment of fair competition and for the further development and expansion of the LED chip market, Toyoda Gosei advises the fullest caution in respecting and avoiding infringements of patents relating to gallium nitride (GaN)-based light-emitting diodes when manufacturing, selling and/or using LED chips and products thereof,” the firm notes.

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