17 January 2012

Intense first to provide 300mW laser at 980-780nm

Intense Inc of North Brunswick, NJ, USA, which makes monolithic laser array products, high-power single-emitter laser diodes, and electro-optical subsystems, has announced the production release of a 300mW version of its Series 6030 and Series 6130 ultra-high-power, high-brightness single-mode laser diodes. Designed for defense, medical and print/imaging applications such as spectroscopy and industrial coding, the diodes are available in 980, 830, 808, 785 and 780nm wavelengths. Custom packaging and wavelengths are available on request.

Part of Intense’s Series 6000 family of single-mode lasers, the Series 6030 and Series 6130 are based on the firm’s patented quantum well intermixing (QWI) technology, which increases the brightness and reliability of laser diodes while avoiding the usual problems associated with catastrophic optical mirror (COD) damage.

“Intense has been producing highly reliable, complex multi-channel, individually addressable 200mW single-mode diode arrays in high-volume for several years,” says CEO Kevin Laughlin.

Until now, 300mW of true single-mode power has not been available, particularly in the shorter wavelengths (808-830nm and 780-785nm). The availability of these new wavelengths and ultra-high-power offerings are driving new uses, particularly in illumination, spectroscopy, life science, and atomic clock applications, says Intense.

The Series 6030 and 6130 offer high electrical conversion efficiency in a range of operating temperatures, from 25 to 50 degrees C. The lasers are available in a selection of free-space packages, including 9mm, C-mount, 5.6mm; a PDM (piezoelectric deformable mirror) is optional. Multi-emitter, individually addressable, custom ultra-high-power arrays have also been designed using the basic 6030 design.

Intense offers the Series 6030 and 6130 single emitters in a variety of standard beam divergences to match specific applications requirements. Multiple fast-axis collimation (FAC) lensing options are also available.

Intense is also able to fabricate ultra-high-power, single-mode, individually addressable, multi-channel arrays in wavelengths ranging from 650nm to 980nm with 10-270 channels per array. Arrays can be integrated with full drive electronics and both micro and macro lens options.

The Series 6030 and 6130 single-mode laser diodes are also available in custom packaging to match OEM system requirements. OEM discounts are based on quantities ordered.

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