24 January 2012

Intense launches 10W version of 793nm pump module for thulium and holmium pulsed laser systems

At this week’s SPIE Photonics West 2012 exhibition in San Francisco (24-26 January), Intense Inc of North Brunswick, NJ, USA, which makes monolithic laser array products, high-power single-emitter laser diodes, and electro-optical subsystems, has launched a 10W version of its Series 8000 793nm high-brightness laser pump modules.

The new medium-power pump delivers 10W of output power from a 105µm-core fiber (with a numerical aperture of 0.22). The compact module is designed specifically for use as a pump source for thulium and holmium pulsed laser systems, which are seeing increased use in defense and medical applications.

The Series 8000 793nm fiber-coupled packages provide robust and compact solutions for pumping applications with power requirements in the 10W range. With this launch, the high-power chip technology of the Series 8000 793nm is now available in fiber-coupled single emitters at 4.5W, as well as compact, multi-emitter, high-brightness, fiber-coupled 10W and 20W modules.

“Intense continues to lead the 793nm pump market, a market we established over 5 years ago with the production version of our 4.5W high-brightness, single-emitter pumps,” claims CEO Kevin Laughlin. “When we introduced the 20W version last year, medical OEMs approached us with requests for a lower-power, high-efficiency, high-brightness pump in a more compact package,” he adds. “Today’s introduction of the 10W 793nm completes development of what has become a formidable and wide-ranging 793nm pump product portfolio.”

The entire Series 8000 793nm family of pump lasers is based on Intense’s next generation of 793nm single-emitter chips that incorporate narrow beam divergence and Intense’s patented quantum well intermixing (QWI) technology to maximize power, brightness and reliability.

The 793nm fiber-coupled packages come standard with 105µm (0.22NA) fibers; 0.15NA fiber options are available on request. The same 793nm chip technology is also offered in a variety of free-space configurations with FAC options.

The Series 8000 793nm single- and multi-emitter pump modules (4.5W, 10W and 20W) are available in custom packaging to match OEM system requirements. OEM discounts are based on quantities ordered.

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