13 January 2012

Javelin adds to Band 1 CMOS PAs with 3G Band II PA

Javelin Semiconductor Inc of Austin, TX, USA recently unveiled its JAV5502 3G Band II power amplifier (PA), the newest member of its CMOS PA product family. Samples are available now, with volume shipments beginning in March.

Based on the patented architecture of Javelin’s Band I PAs, the JAV5502 brings low power consumption, low noise, high performance and high reliability to Band II applications targeting American markets and world phones. Like all members of Javelin’s PA family, the JAV5502 is offered in an industry-standard 3mm x 3mm package and is software-compatible with all 3G baseband platforms, simplifying adoption into a broad range of wireless applications including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, WCDMA modules and modems.

“Our Band I PAs are gaining broad acceptance in smartphones for Asian and European markets, and adding the JAV5502 to our portfolio will accelerate this transition,” reckons president & CEO Brad Fluke. “Customers recognize the inherent supply assurances of Javelin's CMOS implementation, plus their products’ battery life and performance is improved by Javelin's low power consumption and ultra-low noise,” he adds.

Javelin claims that its PAs, measured in actual handsets, have achieved excellent linearity and the best noise performance of any 3G PA currently on the market, which improves overall handset performance by minimizing interference with other 3G, GSM, GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth radios in smartphones. The firm also claims that its PAs feature the highest ESD rating in the industry (passing 3kV on all pins), enabling higher manufacturing yields. In addition, with CMOS integration, the JAV5502 is the first PA to support a MIPI digital interface for advanced features including power control.

Javelin holds 16 patents on its architecture, and claims to be the first firm to produce a 3G PA in standard CMOS that meets or exceeds all stringent industry performance and reliability standards. The JAV5502 integrates complete circuitry for power regulation, PA bias, input and output matching, and power control. It also requires no custom software development, enabling a simple design-in process.

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