3 July 2012

Brooks launches MFC and capacitance manometer technology

In booth 5648 at the Intersolar North America 2012 trade show in San Francisco, CA, USA (10-12 July), Brooks Instrument LLC of Hatfield, PA, USA, a provider of low-flow and pressure/vacuum analytical instruments, is unveiling its new XacTorr CMX0 capacitance manometer and the new EtherCAT capabilities of its GF40/80 mass flow controller (MFC), as well as showcasing other mass flow, pressure and vacuum products for the solar and semiconductor industries.

Brooks says that the XacTorr CMX family of capacitance manometers provides solar and semiconductor manufacturers with highly stable and repeatable measurements for pressure-sensitive processes. It offers full-scale ranges from 1000 Torr to 100mTorr, as well as 0.15% of reading accuracy. With its patented Mark IV sensor the XacTorr lasts up to three times as long in aggressive processes compared to other capacitance manometers, it is claimed. The rapid recovery feature allows the sensor to recover from large changes in pressure faster than other vacuum gauges on the market, significantly decreasing downtime.

The XacTorr CMX0 offers an unheated option with the same full-scale ranges and an accuracy of 0.25% of reading. It also allows drop-in replacement and unique diagnostic features for preventative maintenance such as tracking remaining zero adjustment range to allow scheduled maintenance, which reduces unplanned interruptions. Additionally, XacTorr CMX0’s digital communication protocol monitors and troubleshoots problems without interfering with the tool communication system.

The GF40/80 is a highly modular, user-programmable mass flow controller designed for solar and thin-film processes. Using MultiFlo technology, it combines what is claimed to be exceptional flow repeatability, sub-one-second flow control response time, the most comprehensive gas and flow range programmability, and long-term reliability.

The GF40/80 is now equipped with EtherCAT, a new communication protocol that has been adopted by leading-edge manufacturers in the solar and microelectronics industries. EtherCAT makes it easier to network flow control and other devices for advanced process control and diagnostic capabilities, says Brooks.

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