5 July 2012

Consumption of packaged LEDs in general lighting to approach 4.6bn units in 2012

Global consumption of packaged light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in solid-state lighting (SSL) general lighting by volume (quantity) will reach 4.6 billion units in 2012, estimates ElectroniCast Consultants in its new 10-year market forecast of the worldwide consumption of packaged component-level LEDs.

Chart: Forecast consumption of LEDs used in SSL general lighting (by value, in $m).

The consumption of component-level (packaged) LEDs in SSL general lighting applications by value will rise at 37% per year over 2011-2016, predicts ElectroniCast in the report ‘LEDs Used in General Lighting, Global Market Forecast and Analysis (2011-2021)’. However, the firm expects faster overall growth in the second half of the forecast period (2016-2021), with an overall annual average growth rate of 51%.

The use of packaged LEDs in residential, commercial and government exterior general lighting lamps (street, parking-lot, roadway-tunnels, bridges, landscaping, pool/fountain, buildings, architectural and other general lighting) applications represented nearly 90% share of worldwide consumption in 2011. The relative market share of component-level LEDs use in exterior lamps will fall significantly to 61% in 2021 but increase substantially in value, predicts ElectroniCast, while the relative market share of LEDs in interior lighting rises from just 10% in 2011 to 39% in 2021.

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