17 July 2012

Emcore adds 1550nm transmitter and next-gen software services for Japan CATV/SAT-IF transport over 100km

At Japan’s Cable Tech Show 2012 in Tokyo (18-19 July), Emcore Corp of Albuquerque, NM, USA, which makes components, subsystems and systems for the fiber-optic and solar power markets, is announcing the addition of the J-Type Medallion 6000 to its 1550nm cable television (CATV) fiber-optic transmitter product portfolio.

Now available for evaluation, the J-Type Medallion 6000 series of externally modulated transmitters has been developed specifically for Japan and other markets requiring long-distance and concurrent fiber-optic transport of CATV and Satellite-Intermediate Frequency Signals (SAT-IF). The J-Type Medallion 6000 supports operational bandwidths up to 2.8GHz with an adjustable SBS (stimulated Brillouin scattering) suppression range of 11-17dBm, plus extended adjustable AGC (automatic gain control), and very high OMI (optical modulation index) for exceptional link performance.

In parallel, Emcore is announcing the next-generation WEB GUI and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) software service offering for the entire Medallion 6000 platform. Emcore says that the new WEB GUI and SNMP interfaces offer many new capabilities to serve the evolving and growing needs of the most advanced networks.

The J-Type transmitter’s performance is enabled by Emcore’s proprietary high-power, narrow-linewidth CW (continuous wave) laser technology. When deployed with one or more Emcore optical amplifiers, transmissions of 100km and beyond have been demonstrated. The feature-rich WEB GUI and SNMP enhancements bring a whole suite of operator monitoring and configuration options to the platform, allowing for secure, simplified and future-ready functionality for the next generation of intelligent networks, the firm says.

“Building upon the strength of our popular Medallion 6000 series, our new J-Type model is the ideal solution for the transmission of CATV and SAT-IF signals over 100km and beyond,” claims Grant Olecko, product marketing director at Emcore Broadband. “The 6000 family of transmitters is also ideal for extending traditional CATV systems including head-end consolidation, broadcast transport, and RF overlay for FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) PON (passive optical network), and RFoG (radio frequency over glass) projects in countries around the world,” he adds. “This capability allows us to capitalize on a significant and growing market opportunity.”

The Medallion 6000 series of CATV transmitters deliver high-quality video with full QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) loading to 1GHz for shorter-reach and long-haul applications. Monitoring and configuration is supported via a convenient front-panel display, an RS-232 port, and an Ethernet port with SNMP, Telnet, and Web GUI. The platform is mechanically designed for flexibility and space efficiency including universal rack-mount features, modular front-panel design for private label convenience, and optional front and rear port placement. Dual redundant field-replaceable fans and power supplies are standard.

Emcore says that network providers are demanding high quality and economical delivery of video to their customers, while extending capacity and improving network management intelligence. The firm reckons that it is well positioned to take advantage of this trend due to its portfolio of broadband solutions. The enhanced features and cost-effective designs leveraged from its long-established experience in 1550nm transmitter technology meet the demanding needs of CATV networks, reckons the firm.

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