11 July 2012

Eyelit’s integrated MES software chosen by GCS to replace legacy system

Eyelit Inc of Toronto, Canada, which provides manufacturing software for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations, says that ISO-certified pure-play III-V compound semiconductor wafer foundry Global Communication Semiconductors LLC (GCS) of Torrance, CA, USA has selected Eyelit Manufacturing software to replace its FactoryWorks MES (manufacturing execution system).

Eyelit says that, with its increasing spectrum of fabrication technologies, GCS determined it was necessary to change systems and implement a next-generation MES to handle its complex manufacturing operations. Eyelit’s solution is targeted at helping GCS to rapidly introduce and manage dynamic process technologies, improve quality, and reduce costs. GCS expects significant improvements in operations by implementing Eyelit MES, Eyelit Asset Management, Eyelit Reporting, and Eyelit Automated Data Services.

“We run high-mix process flows on GaAs, GaN and InP wafers, and Eyelit’s combination of flexibility and power will be a huge step up in capability from our current system,” reckons GCS’ VP of operations Franklin Monzon. “We expect that improvements, especially in configurability and traceability, will lead to reductions in scrap and cycle time, and to increases in productivity,” he says. “We also intend to take advantage of Eyelit’s capability to streamline our lot-tracking system, which right now relies on detailed paper travelers alongside our MES, into an electronic system that will reduce errors and facilitate corrective actions,” Monzon adds.

“With this implementation at GCS, Eyelit builds further on its tradition of replacing MES systems from other vendors, including Applied Materials’ WorkStream, PROMIS, and FactoryWorks products,” says Dan Estrada, Eyelit’s VP of sales & marketing, who adds that the firm’s software should enable GCS to reduce infrastructure costs and long-term cost of ownership.

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