19 July 2012

Hittite launches high-linearity 700-3500MHz downconverter RFIC for multi-standard diversity receivers

Hittite Microwave Corp of Chelmsford, MA, USA (which designs and supplies analog, digital and mixed-signal RF, microwave and millimeter-wave ICs, modules and subsystems as well as instrumentation) has launched a broadband high IP3 downconverter RFIC that operates at 700-3500MHz. The HMC1090LP3E suits space-constrained frequency conversion applications in wireless infrastructure equipment such as base transceiver stations, remote radio units, small cells and repeaters.

The HMC1090LP3E is a high-linearity downconverting mixer optimized for multi-standard diversity receiver applications where low power consumption and small size are required. This highly integrated RFIC has a wideband limiting LO amplifier and can be used in any 3 GPP operating band from 700 to 3500MHz. Unlike conventional narrow-band downconverter RFICs, it supports both high-side and low-side LO injection over the entire RF band.

The HMC1090LP3E integrates LO and IF amplifiers, LO and RF baluns and a wideband passive mixer core with bias control. The unique architecture of the converter provides excellent LO/RF, LO/IF, and RF/IF isolations, it is claimed, while the RF and LO input ports are internally matched to 50Ω. The device exhibits a noise figure as low as 8.5dB and input IP3 up to +26dBm, suiting demanding high-linearity applications. For narrow-band applications, the input IP3 performance can be further optimized with simple external matching.

Consuming typically less than 0.9W of DC power, with a very fast enable control interface, the HMC1090LP3E provides additional power conservation options in time division duplex (TDD) applications. The HMC1090LP3E is housed in a compact RoHS-compliant 3mm x 3mm plastic QFN package. Due to what is claimed to be a unique topology, it is also available in dual-channel format as the HMC990LP4E.

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