20 July 2012

Ocean Optics’ latest near-infrared spectrometer extends wavelength range to 1100-1900nm

Ocean Optics of Dunedin, FL, USA has added another option to its small-footprint near-infrared spectrometer line with the NIRQuest512-1.9, a high-resolution device with response from 1100nm to 1900nm suiting applications including characterizing lasers for semiconductor assembly and medical treatment.

The NIRQuest512-1.9 incorporates a high-stability, 512-element Hamamatsu indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs)-array detector and is available with multiple grating and optical bench options for optimizing performance between 1100nm and 1900nm. The standard NIRQuest512-1.9 comes with a 150 lines/mm grating, 25 micron entrance slit and a non-fluorescing long-pass filter that transmits >1000nm (helping to mitigate second-order effects).

NIRQuest512-1.9 has external hardware triggering functions that allow users to capture data when an external event occurs, or to trigger an event after data acquisition. Spectrometer operation is controlled using SpectraSuite software, a modular, Java-based spectroscopy platform.

The low dark-noise characteristics of the NIRQuest make it possible to integrate the spectrometer (or expose the detector in the spectrometer to light) for longer durations, which is useful in low-light-level environments. Signal-to-noise ratio at full signal is >15000:1 at 100ms integration time. High-gain-mode operation is available for applications where sensitivity is paramount.

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Visit: www.oceanoptics.com/Products/nirquest.asp

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