11 July 2012

Plasma-Therm workshop supports Scandinavia semiconductor and material science technology sectors

Plasma process equipment maker Plasma-Therm LLC of St Petersburg, FL, USA says that its recent plasma processing workshop at Sweden's Lund University provided fundamental and advanced technology used in semiconductor device and materials research. Attendees from Scandinavia participated in a full day of presentations focusing on applying plasma etching and deposition to fabricating electronic, photonic, bioscience, and nano-scale devices and structures. The ‘Plasma-Therm Technical Workshop on Fundamentals of Plasma Processing’ is one of many held at centers of excellence worldwide.

“It provided us with a good introduction into the basics of plasma processing and at the same time it was very useful for these who already work with plasma etching or deposition,” commented Dr Ivan Maximov, deputy director of the Lund Nano Lab (LNL) and head of its Nano-process Laboratory.

Inaugurated in 2007, the LNL cleanroom is the latest addition to the research environment of the Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University (nmC@LU, which was established in 1988). LNL’s purpose is to provide nanofabrication facilities for both academic research groups and local companies. With about 200 registered users, the lab is a center for multi-disciplinary research in materials science, quantum physics and life-sciences in southern Sweden. The focus of nmC@LU is basic studies and applications of III-V epitaxial nanowires.

“The workshop has undoubtedly improved our understanding of reactive ion etching processes of III-Vs and silicon and associated PECVD processes which we use in our labs on a daily basis,” adds Maximov.

“Plasma processing continues to play a critical role in extending the boundaries of semiconductor device fabrication and material engineering,” says Plasma-Therm’s principal scientist and workshop director Dr David Lishan. “The workshop format addresses a strong need to provide fundamental and advanced etching and deposition concepts to the academic and industrial communities,” he adds. “The value of these workshops is confirmed by the high interest levels of graduate students as well as senior researchers and process engineers. We are pleased to sponsor these events that encourage potential collaboration across diverse disciplines.”

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