11 June 2012

Cree launches 60W S-band GaN HEMT with 65% drain efficiency for radar applications

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has announced the sample release of a high-efficiency unmatched gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) for military and commercial S-band radar applications.

Rated at 60W for frequencies of 3.1-3.5GHz, the CGH35060 delivers what is claimed to be superior drain efficiency (approaching 70%) compared with conventional silicon or gallium arsenide (GaAs) MESFET devices. Also, the combination of high efficiency and power density helps to minimize thermal management requirements and allows for reduced size and weight in commercial radar systems.

“The introduction of the new Cree S-band GaN HEMT devices gives our customers a complete portfolio of superior S-band GaN transistors and MMICs for use in high-power amplifier circuits for commercial radar applications,” says Jim Milligan, director, Cree RF and microwave. “Their high efficiency allows for extended pulse capability along with superior signal fidelity, which in turn minimizes the thermal management requirements, enabling RF design engineers to dramatically reduce the size and weight of radar systems while increasing their range and lowering installation costs,” he adds.

The new unmatched GaN HEMT transistor features a rating of 60W pulsed power (at a pulse width of 100 microseconds), a power gain of 12dB and a 65% drain efficiency at 28V operation (50% higher than typical silicon LDMOS devices). The CGH35060 has been proven in high-power amplifier reference designs at S-band frequencies of 3.1-3.5GHz. Other performance characteristics include longer pulse and duty capability (<0.6dB) and what is claimed to be superior signal fidelity with extremely low power droop compared with GaAs and Si technologies.

The new GaN HEMTs are complemented by Cree’s comprehensive S-Band product portfolio, which also includes the CGH31240F/CGH35240F fully matched 240W GaN HEMTs (2.7–2.9GHz/3.1–3.5GHz) and the CMPA2735075F two-staged packaged GaN HEMT MMIC.

The new 60W, 3.1-3.5GHz S-band GaN devices will be on show in booth 2125 at the 2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS).

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