25 June 2012

Indium Corp showcasing enhanced copper-indium-gallium and copper-gallium rotary sputtering targets

At the Intersolar North America 2012 trade show in San Francisco, CA, USA (10-12 July), Indium Corp of Clinton, NY, USA will feature its enhanced copper-indium-gallium (CuInGa) and copper-gallium (CuGa) rotary sputtering targets, which are now available in lengths up to 3.2m, and thicknesses of the monolithic source layer up to 22mm.

The targets are made by Indium Corp’s vertically integrated proprietary process using aerospace powder metallurgy technology. The firm says that the process produces a consistently homogeneous alloy with low-ppm (parts per million) contaminate levels and uniform density throughout the target, resulting in consistent sputtering film properties.

The CIG ternary alloy targets and CuGa targets can be produced in not only chemistry ranges that are standard to the copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) photovoltaic industry but also unique chemistries for the R&D and engineering community. Both are produced as a monolithic material, bonded onto the backing tube during the firm’s unique hybrid consolidation process.

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