7 June 2012

Lextar qualifies LayTec’s Pyro 400 for GaN LED production

LayTec AG of Berlin, Germany (which makes in-situ metrology systems for thin-film processes, focusing on compound semiconductor and photovoltaic applications) says that LED maker Lextar Electronics Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has qualified its Pyro 400 gallium nitride (GaN) surface temperature measurement pyrometry tool for GaN LED production.

“With Pyro 400 we can now better control the later emission wavelength of the LED already during growth,” comments Lextar’s Johnson Wang, department manager of EPI Engineering/Manufacturing, who was responsible for the qualification process for the Pyro 400 product, which uses using pyrometry at 400nm (at which wavelength GaN absorbs and thermally emits light). “The qualifications tests have proven that the surface temperature of the GaN measured by Pyro 400 at MQW [multi-quantum well] growth can be directly correlated with the later ex-situ PL emission wavelength. This tool is a quantum leap in wafer-to-wafer temperature control in LED Production,” he adds.

“The qualification of Pyro 400 by Lextar is a significant milestone for LayTec,” says LayTec’s director marketing & sales Dr Elisabeth Steimetz. “Through collaboration with this important and innovative customer we were able to further improve our product and qualify it for daily LED production application,” she adds. “We could successfully demonstrate that precise surface temperature control gives room for even further LED yield improvement and cost reduction.”

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