14 June 2012

Wavien demos million-candle-power LED flashlight using Luminus LED

In booth N248 at the InfoComm 2012 trade show in Las Vegas (13-15 June), Wavien Inc of Valencia, CA, USA is demonstrating an LED flashlight producing output of 1 million candle power, utilizing proprietary Recycling LED (RLT) technology and the new SBT 70 round white LED (launched in April) made by Luminus Devices Inc of Billerica, MA, USA, which manufactures PhlatLight (photonic lattice) LEDs for illumination applications. The flashlight far surpasses the brightness of currently available LED flashlights using standard technologies, Wavien claims, and is within the brightness range of arc-lamp-based flashlights and spotlights.

Wavien’s RLT technology recycles high-angle emissions from the LED into low-angle emissions to be collected by the output lens system, increasing the system’s light output at small angles and hence increasing its brightness. “The net result is a narrower beam with higher brightness at the target,” says president & CEO Dr Kenneth Li, who is also the inventor of the recycling technology.

“This unique design enables LED-based products to have increased total brightness by over 80% for most LEDs, and it was recently found that, for high-performance LEDs, the brightness increases by over 100%,” Li adds. “This brightness improvement is provided by adding a simple low-cost reflector with an aperture to standard LED packages,” he explains. “The diameter of the opening - which determines the amount of recycling - and the total size of the reflector can be scaled to meet the user’s needs,” Li continues.

“We continue to optimize the RLT system and are actively developing a variety of other applications, including gobo projectors, down-lights, search lights and general lighting uses,” Li concludes.

Wavien has made evaluation samples of RLT LEDs available for purchase at its booth at InfoComm, as well as through its online Wavien Shop.

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